Monday, October 26, 2009

Still in transition

Hi, sorry its been awhile since I posted but I have been doing so much research into the raw diet online that I haven't had time for anything else. I think that I have been overwhelmed by so much information and so many different opinions on what is the right way to eat. Anyways I am still in transition to an all raw diet. I have been bouncing back and forth on if I should be all raw or just 75% raw. I have found that it is really hard to be on a 75% raw diet, I still get really bad cravings for junk food. So I think that I am going to go all raw, this might sound really hard or rediculous to some of you but once you see all of the really great foods you can eat you might change your mind. I think though that each person is different and should do what feels right to them. One of the best ways to get started eating more raw foods is to make green smoothies. To make a green smoothie just grab your blender and some of your favorite fruits and vegis. One of the things that I have come to realize is to just keep it simple. I tend to start to get information overload and make things way over complicated. I have picked out a few raw recipes that sound good to me and I will be trying those out in the next few weeks. One of the recipes I tried to try out today was raw nut chocolate milk but my son decided to dump the whole bottle of vanilla extract into the nut milk. Well maybe next time! Just remember its your body and no one knows it better than you do.


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